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Providing help and assistance to those leaving

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Who we are

Hope Center, is an association established 6 years ago with the aim of producing an employment solution for prostitution survivors  And trade  In humans, on 
To create an opportunity to integrate into the world of work

Prostitution is defined as the provision of sexual services for a fee or the equivalent of money  Every deal involving the sexual use of a woman's body bought with money strengthens the human market, the existence and development of buying and selling human beings that are part of the phenomenon of trafficking in women and human beings in general. Slavery not only has not faded from human history, but has included itself and is on the rise

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About 70%
Some of those currently employed by the company work regularly and continuously for over a year and are outside the circle of feeds and trade

Working from Home

Over 80% of the women and men who have completed their work have integrated into the open labor market

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In 2019, 11,859 were provided

 Hours of employment


The company employed 33 women and men from the prostitution circle

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The joint venture

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Follow-up after the workshop - After the placement of the rehabilitated in the employment places, they will be asked to take part in an employment group that will take place once a week where they can raise the difficulties, challenges and struggles in the workplace. Accompanying the participants until the end of the program will include continuous contact with the program staff and individual weekly staff meetings with each of the participants.

The demand for employment from the organizations with which we work is consistent and we deal with incessant requests
For integration in the workplace, which is why the Hope Center Association responded to the challenge of  A joint venture with the Ministry of Welfare
As part of this, it will open another rehabilitation program with other employers with whom the association will create a partnership
action. The association has gained a great deal of experience in its five years of activity in ongoing work with Survivors
Of vocational rehabilitation and their return to the circles of employment and society

In light of the success, an agreement was signed to expand the activity

Significantly. The main points of the program

Two years of close supervision for each participant to assimilate the acquired skills


Monthly training for each cycle  

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  Combination  100 people in the market

The work in the period

Of 3  Years


“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quote marks has a powerful effect on customers and makes them more likely to trust you. ”  


-   Name, Title

Strengthening skills that help get hired, such as writing a resume, job interview and self-presentation.

Strengthening effective interpersonal communication skills

Strengthening your personal responsibility, initiative and choice in the job search process

Examining your personal skills basket, during the workshop we will find out what are your skills, inclinations and strengths? Are you strong in teamwork? In marketing? In sales? Are you prone to self-employment or teamwork?

 Assisting in creating your personal employment vision, and setting self-employment goals that will help you improve your job search skills


Providing help and assistance to those leaving

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