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Consuming prostitution of a minor is a serious offense punishable by up to 5 years in prison and still, EVERY DAY 3,000 MINORS are exploited for prostitution, mainly through social media and websites

30%of women in prostitution treated by the welfare have tried to commit suicide

According to studies, at least 85% of women in prostitution suffer POST-TRAUMA

50%of women in prostitution who are treated by the Israeli welfare are diagnosed with complex post-traumatic stress disorder

40%of them are diagnosed with other mental difficulties

About 90% of the women in prostitution report violence and sexual assault from clients. Many also experience violence from pimps and brothel managers


 5.5Encounters with fornicators on average every day. 25%of women report more than 7 encounters a day, many of them report 20 encounters a day. Young women aged 18-24 report an average of 7.8 daily

71%of women in prostitution report that they stay in prostitution because of financial difficulties and debts

76%testified that they would like to get out of prostitution if only they had the option

62%are mothers 81%of them have children under the age of 18

The recognized entry age to prostitution is 13-14 years. Yes, in the bar-bat mitzvah area. This indicates that most of the people in prostitution are NOT there by choice but from LACK of choice and due to the lack of a supportive framework of home, family and school

 14,000women, men and minors are exploited in prostitution in Israel

At least 104 victims died in prostitution since 2010. Their average age of death is 40

Most of the women in prostitution degraded to it after going through severe sexual abuse in their childhood

The prostitution industry in Israel generates 1.3 billion NIS a year. Only a fraction of this amount goes to the people who are exploited in prostitution

65%of women in prostitution have less than 12 years of education. 80% of adult women in prostitution have less than 12 years of education. This figure constitutes a significant barrier to women's ability to get out of prostitution, since they lack the education and training required to integrate into the labor market



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