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  • 3 months practical course

  • Accompanying and placement in the world of employment

  • 24 months of occupational and psychological support for the participant

  • Accompanying also for the employer

  • The course is in collaboration with the Ministry of Labor and Welfare

 What was the program for and what does it look like?

Occupational rehabilitation program for survivors of the prostitution circle


"Good morning... I just logged into my email and what do I see?my payslip -

My first since I know myself!

My tears of sadness turned into a sea of tears of joy...'


Nega (pseudonym), survivor of prostitution

Graduate of the first course Benevolent Employment 

  • The program is intended to assist in a favorable integration into the world of work.

  • The program was established in 2020 with the cooperation of the Hope Center association and an office         Work, welfare and social services.

  • The program includes a short course, followed by long-term employment support.



Screen Shot 2022-09-19 at 13.33.34.png

social assistance

  • The participants receive personal and group guidance for the duration24 months

  • Our courseRecognized as 'pre-rehabilitation' of social insurance, therefore female participants may be entitled to rehabilitation fees/travel reimbursement/income guarantee.

The contents of the course

  • Budget managment

  • Writing a resume

  • Preparation for job interviews

  • Job search workshop

  • Meeting with a stylist

  • Meeting with a nutritionist

  • and more..

Our course

  • The purpose of the course is to impart the necessary central tools and skillsfor stable integrationat work

  • Up to 11 participants per course.

  • The course is ongoing4 days a week in the morningFor two and a half months, in a pleasant class in Tel Aviv.

  • The contents deal with:Personal empowerment, creating change in life and maintaining it, improving interpersonal skills, and preparing for employment.

What else do the program participants receive?

"I'm still a little afraid of the future

But now I can

imagine him ...'


Or (pseudonym), survivor of prostitution

Graduated from the second course Benevolent Employment 

Participants during the course may be eligible for a rehabilitation / travel refund / income guarantee fee, as a program recognized as 'pre-rehabilitation' by the Social Security. And there will be assistance in exercising the rights vis-à-vis Social Security. At this stage, placement will be made in a suitable and relevant workplace for the employee. In addition, participants in the program will receive a personal employment diagnosis, in order to optimize the workplace for them. In the future, the employer and the employee will be accompanied throughout the day-to-day work, with individual and group guidance, in order to optimally deal with the challenges that will arise during the integration into the work.

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